Deployment 1 Group Targets Go-live July 2018

Earlier this year, we assessed progress against the UCPath pilot campus deployment effort and, although significant headway had been made, determined that adjustments to the timeline were needed. Today, in response to the new Pilot campus deployment target of December 2017, the UCPath Executive Leadership Team extended the Deployment 1 go-live schedule from April to July 2018. There are no proposed changes to Deployment 2 currently targeted for December 2018.

Deployment Timeline

The UCPath PMO and Deployment 1 Subcommittee evaluated several scenarios before providing a recommendation to the Steering Committee and the Executive Leadership Team. A July 2018 go-live provides a number of advantages, including fiscal year-end go-live for a clean break between payroll systems, June 30 pay dates for monthly and biweekly and quarter-end cutover for simplified tax and deduction balance conversions. In addition, the new schedule provides a six-month window following Pilot go-live and on-site hypercare support following Deployment 1 go-live. Read more about it here.