April 2017

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UCI UCPath News & Updates

April 2017

UCPath is the University of California's priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.


Timeline Update

In response to the new Pilot campus deployment target of December 2017, the UCPath Executive Leadership Team extended the Deployment 1 go-live schedule from April to July 2018. There are no proposed changes to Deployment 2 currently targeted for December 2018.

The UCPath PMO and Deployment 1 Subcommittee evaluated several scenarios before providing a recommendation to the Steering Committee and the Executive Leadership Team. A July 2018 go-live provides a number of advantages, including fiscal year-end go-live for a clean break between payroll systems, June 30 pay dates for monthly and biweekly and quarter-end cutover for simplified tax and deduction balance conversions. In addition, the new schedule provides a six-month window following Pilot go-live and on-site hyper care support following Deployment 1 go-live.


Meet the Campus HCM Subject Matter Experts

Twenty Subject Matter Experts (SME) in Human Capital Management from 13 schools and units are working with the UCPath Project Team to learn about UCPath and the corresponding processes that will drive how UCPath is implemented at UCI. Since November they have reviewed and discussed 18 different Business Process Guides (BPG) including New Hire, Leaves, and Transfers.

The SMEs are exploring changes UCI will experience as a result of transitioning to UCPath and the corresponding new processes. They are sharing how processes may differ from what takes place in their units today, discussing benefits, and learning about UCPath. As one member of the group recently stated, this “gives me a complete picture from implementation to final step at UCPath Center”.

The feedback from these SMEs is vital to the process of completing the business process guides and communication and training materials that will be utilized throughout the campus to prepare for UCPath implementation.

Reporting Workgroup

The UCPath Reporting Team is actively collaborating with schools and units to better understand report and information needs from UCPath. Reporting project objectives include:

  • Collect and classify current reports
  • Identify and analyze future reports for UCI Campus
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to prioritize deliverables for go-live
  • Provide flexible tools to satisfy the breadth of requirements

The reporting scope of work includes requirements to be implemented at or near the planned UCI implementation date for UCPath. The reporting team is working with chief personnel officers (CPO) and managers of academic & administrative business offices (MAABO) to identify business intelligence needs for Central offices (campus and Central HR, Accounting, Budgeting, Executive Management) and campus departments. They will work with the project team to:

  1. Survey - Sample current report usage, from various schools and units.
  2. Consolidate - Review existing reports to determine how proposed reports may serve multiple purposes.
  3. Validate - Report delivery schedule.
  4. Expand - Work with leadership groups to review reporting needs and informational dashboards.
  5. Finalize - Align expectations and agree to prioritized report delivery list.

If you want to know more about the Reporting Workgroup contact Vijay Dhanashetty.

UCPath center video

UCPath Center Video

The Central Team has released an informative video about the UCPath Center, the University of California's shared services center located in Riverside, CA.

Meet the team, see the location, and learn about the work they do. See the video here.

UCI UCPath Newsletter - April 2017

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