August 2017

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UCI UCPath News and Updates

August 2017

UCPath is the University of California's priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.

Jip Muongpruan

Meet the Tier-1 Lead

Jip Muongpruan is the Tier-1 lead on the UCI UCPath Project Team. Tier-1 applications are UCI systems that exchange data directly with UCPath. The goal for Tier-1 coordination is to get UCI Tier-1 applications to smoothly transition from PPS to UCPath.

In addition to working closely with UCI Tier-1 technical and functional teams, Jip is also working with the UCPath Central Team to resolve "how-does-it-work" questions and with UCI infrastructure teams to ensure integration and infrastructure support for UCPath data exchange. Lastly, Jip and the UCI teams are collaborating with other UC campuses to exchange ideas and perspectives on their approaches to UCPath.

Jip’s background is in software development, integration, and automation analysis. Before joining the UCPath team in November 2012, she worked for more than 30 years in various IT positions in different industries including software, defense, health insurance, and finance. Jip says she “enjoys learning about the business as much as learning about the technical stuff”.

Jip has a son who recently graduated from college and started working in Northern California. Now that he has relocated, Jip and her husband, John, are learning to be true empty nesters. They enjoy working outdoors and making home-made food and drinks. They just bottled their first batch of Syrah wine. While waiting for their Syrah to age, Jip and John are starting to look for different varieties of grapes to start their next batch of wine.

Tier-n meeting

Tier-1 and Tier-n Weekly Meetings

Knowing the status of development activities and progress toward our projected finish dates is critical to the success of the UCPath Project. UCI's UCPath team plans and tracks project tasks, actual work hours, start and finish dates, and resource allocations. A typical weekly status call agenda for both Tier-1 and Tier-n will cover task progress, check points on finish dates, review of action items, and issues or support requests with a focus on anything that’s blocking progress to complete tasks and finish on-time.

Tier-n status calls began in March 2017. The calls cover Grad Division represented by Andrew Ouyang, Office of Research represented by Noah Margolis, HRIS represented by Lucy Zheng, Library represented by Archana Chaudhri, Academic Personnel Systems represented by Albert Chi, Max Garrick, and Jose Hales-Garcia, Facilities Management represented by Bob Nenne and many others. There are over 90 Tier-n Systems identified for the campus and UCI Medical Center that the local UCPath campus team is tracking to completion. Project planning is a big part of the team’s work effort to keep everything on track. The calls are organized, set-up and run by Erice Cheng, Tier-n lead and Steve Noh, OIT PMO senior project manager. There are plans to add more Tier-n system owners to the weekly status meetings as we prepare to receive our first converted data at the end of August.

Weekly Tier-1 status calls began in June 2017. Tier-1 areas participating are Legacy Financial Aid, Legacy Registrar, and School of Medicine (SOM). These areas are represented by Scott Lusby, Josh Jackson, Brian Wildrick, and Joe Haoming. Jip Muongpruan, Tier-1 lead working with Steve Noh, plan, organize and run the Tier-1 status meetings. They are working to include more Tier-1 UCPath systems into the status tracking process to support a successful delivery of UCPath interfaces.

Testing meeting

Testing Kick-off

UCI is beginning the testing phase of the UCPath Project. There are 5 test phases – System (ST), Integration (IT), Payroll Parallel (PPT), User Acceptance (UAT), and Performance (PT). Deployment 1 test phases started on July 3, 2017 with System Test prep and will end with Performance Test in June 2018. ST is focused on confirming system modifications and technical usability and is primarily Central Team responsibility. UCI will have limited participation for TAM and ePerformance and Real and Batch Process testing. IT is planned for October to mid-March. There are 3 IT iterations that will focus on connectivity, end-to-end business processes, and UCI data conversion and validation.

A team selected initially from our local UCPath campus team and UCI Medical Center has been formed to lead the testing at UCI with the goal to engage, plan, and prepare for all testing. They will be reaching out to campus and Medical Center staff to identify test scenarios, test cases, test data, and testers. In addition to testing the system and processes, we will use the testing phases to increase understanding of UCPath and UCI business processes. The testing team will continue to meet regularly throughout the testing period.

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An Update from the Central Team

Mark Cianca, associate vice president, Operational Services for the Office of the President, provides updates on Pilot Deployment, Deployment 1 and 2, and readiness activities information for the UCPath Project. Click here to read the full July message.

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