February 2017

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UCI UCPath News & Updates

February 2017

UCPath is the University of California's priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.

UCPath video

UCPath Video

The Central Project Team has created an UCPath informational video to update all UC locations on the project. See how many UCI staff you can spot in the video!

Kim Piotrowski in Ethiopia

Center Project Manager AKA World Traveler

Jim Piotrowski is the UCI Medical Center UCPath project manager and has been in this role since last June. He has been a part of the UCI Medical Center team since October 2015. Jim serves as UCPath liaison for the Medical Center and works to meet the scope and timeline requirements for the project.

Recently, Jim traveled to Ethiopia with E3 Partners, a Christian organization, serving over 50 countries to empower areas to address critical social, economic, and public health issues in their communities. Jim and his group worked towards the goal of providing each family in a small village with 5 hens and one rooster. They provided for about 100 families in this village. E3 Partners works with the Ethiopian government to ensure future sustainability and regulates housing requirements for the animals. Jim has dedicated time over many years towards these kinds of humanitarian efforts and has traveled to China, Cambodia, Uganda and Sri Lanka.

Prior to working at UCI, Jim was a capability lead for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services Workplace Services Group. He lives in south Orange County with his lovely wife Joann and has two wonderful daughters Melissa and Amberly. Jim and Joann frequently visit Melissa and her husband Paul in Seattle to spend time with their 11-month old grandson. Amberly, their younger daughter, lives in the OC and is engaged to be married next summer.

Your Questions Answered!

Last November we received responses to a survey sent to current PPS users. Approximately 22% of PPS users responded to the survey and provided great feedback. We address the most frequently asked questions raised in the survey:

Q: Who from UCI is working on the accuracy of data transferred from PPS (Personnel & Payroll System) to UCPath?

A: In addition to the UCI Project Team and Central Team there are currently 26 people from various parts of the campus and Medical Center who are working together to understand what information needs to be transferred from PPS to UCPath and how to map it correctly. This is a critical step in preparing to transition UCI data to UCPath. The historical data that is not converted to UCPath will be retained in PPS for retrieval as needed. Additional questions are addressed here.

Tier n systems

Tier-n Inventory

The UCPath Project Team is working with campus and medical center departments to determine the impact, effort, and resources needed to retrofit local systems to leverage new data from UCPath, or to determine if those local systems can be retired because of UCPath capabilities. We are currently working with IT support teams to help identify programming changes required in systems and establish a timeline to complete these changes.

Perhaps the biggest change systems will have is that all PPS IDs will be replaced by UCPath Employee IDs. There are also field name changes, field length changes, etc. which will require systems to be retrofitted.

The Tier-n inventory identifies current UCI campus systems that access or retrieve employee, benefits, and/or payroll data via a local data warehouse/LDAP. If you believe that your system will be impacted when UCPath is implemented and is not listed, please contact Erice Cheng at ericec@uci.edu as soon as possible.

General Ledger Workgroup

The GL Workgroup is led by Peter Stacholy and comprised of 25 people from various campus & Medical Center departments. They are working to understand and document the changes that are needed as a result of UCPath. Topics being addressed include funding entry, budgets, payroll general ledger and work study payments. For a list of who is on the team, see our website.

UCI UCPath Newsletter - February 2017

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