July 2017

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UCI UCPath News and Updates

July 2017

UCPath is the University of California's priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.

UCI UCPath Partners; CPO

Partners on Campus

As the UCPath project moves forward, Chief Personnel Officers (CPO) continue to partner with our team to identify and address the needs of UCI. Project team leadership is participating in monthly CPO meetings to provide updates on UCPath progress as well as to request decisions or guidance from the CPO group on data, configuration, and implementation decisions.

Recent issues that were discussed include how emergency contact information should be loaded into UCPath and how employee location information could be used. This group is also very active in the review of reports that are being created to provide UCPath information to the campus and Medical Center.

The active participation of many CPO as Subject Matter Experts (SME) and in UCPath workgroups is critical to a successful implementation of UCPath at UCI and we appreciate their enthusiasm and support!

Erice Cheng and family

Connecting with System Owners

Erice Cheng is the Tier-n lead on the UCI UCPath project team. She is responsible for working with UCI system owners who will need an “indirect” interface for their systems to get UCPath employee data (systems such as ZotMail and photo ID).

With over 20 years of Oracle PeopleSoft experience, her career at UCI started at the Medical Center as a business analyst supporting their PeopleSoft implementation. Erice currently works on campus with various system managers, developers, and business analysts to ensure that downstream systems are ready when UCPath goes live at UCI in 2018. She said, “It’s quite a great opportunity and challenge working with so many people but I love sharing what I know about UCPath employee data and how to leverage it with business processes”.

Erice recently celebrated her 5 year anniversary at UCI. She and her family live in Tustin and have 3 teenagers, 2 dogs and lots of fresh water fish.

Erice enjoys spending time with her children watching football and lacrosse games, and attending choir and piano recitals. She also spends time with a local organization that works closely with community programs.

BUsiness process stock graphic

Completion of Business Process Guides

The UCPath functional Subject Matter Experts (SME) are working to review and update all Business Process Guide (BPG) documents that outline processes to be followed after implementation of UCPath. They have completed the update of more than 75 process maps and workbooks detailing how UCI will function in the future with UCPath. The team has been sharing these documents with a group of approximately 20 campus SME, representing 13 schools and units.

This group of local experts have reviewed and provided valuable feedback on the impact of these processes on their schools or units. These experts are helping us prepare to share this information with the greater campus community, while highlighting which processes will mean virtually no change and which will drive a change in the way we process transactions with UCPath.

Carolyn Murry, Amy Ruth, and Janai Hendra will be working with the organizational readiness team to prepare workshops and presentations for the campus on changes and how BPG can be used to create greater understanding around the campus for UCPath.

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Reporting Kick-off

The reporting workgroup kick-off was held on June 7. Twenty-eight PPS users represented 20 campus units which included participation from 8 Chief Personnel Officers (CPO) and 9 Managers of Academic & Administrative Business Offices (MAABO).

Reporting workgroup participants were asked to complete two activities during the kickoff: to prioritize a list of reports collected from campus units by order of development preference and to review a prototype Employee Roster Report.

Paul Sheirich, UCI UCPath project director, provided an update on reporting progress, vision, and strategy to provide reports that exceed user expectations when UCPath is deployed. Matt Levin, report developer, explained the process of how report requirements were gathered and then analyzed to determine campus business needs. Matt then demonstrated a prototype of the Employee Roster Report. The workgroup will be asked to vote on whether or not to move forward with development of each report presented and to provide feedback to the reporting team.

The reporting team held a follow-up meeting on June 21 for the reporting workgroup to review feedback collected from the kick-off meeting, review the results of the prioritization voting, and discuss next steps in providing additional information which will enable them to better understand how UCPath works. This information will define and explain how different types of data are used to populate reports. Thank you for your support of the local reporting team and the UCPath project!

UCI UCPath Newsletter July 2017

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