June 2017

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UCI UCPath News and Updates

June 2017

UCPath is the University of California's priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.

BPG pilot workshop participants

Business Process Guide (BPG) Pilot Workshops

Recently individuals representing seven schools and units participated in a seven session pilot workshop. The goal of these workshops was to share information about the future state with UCPath and to enable participants to make business process decisions for their departments in preparation for UCPath.

Additionally, the participants were asked to test the usability of the business process guide materials and suggest the best ways to use them to prepare the campus for UCPath. The participants had the opportunity to learn about UCPath and the potential process changes and benefits that may result and to discuss and compare different ideas with those from other schools/units.

As a follow-up to these sessions, the team will be meeting with each participant to better understand the impact in their units and the plans to ensure a successful implementation of UCPath. Similar workshops for the entire campus are being planned for this fall.

Keith Bandel and family

Pay Day Responsibilities

Keith Bandel is the payroll manager for UCI Medical Center and runs the day-to-day operations for the office. He has been with UCIMC for 13 years. UCIMC has a time and attendance system called API, which turns employees’ daily time entry into hours which are sent to the payroll system (PPS) to generate paychecks.

Keith manages most of the payroll rules in API, as well as the programming for any change or corrections. The rules determine regular and overtime hours, differentials earned, and other types of special pay.

Keith has been working on the UCPath Project from its early stages as a SME (Subject Matter Expert). He has been working mainly in the subject areas of Payroll, Absence Management, and General Ledger. Like parts of a whole, all the subject areas interact together so that paychecks, benefits, accounting, taxes, and everything else works.

Keith and his wife, Gail, live in Redlands with their dog. They have four daughters, two of who are married. They enjoy spending time with their three grandchildren.

Data conversion presentation

Data Conversion Kick-off

The local UCPath team held a kick-off meeting on Thursday, May 18 to officially start the work for the data conversion workstream under UCPath. Data conversion is responsible for ensuring quality data is loaded in the UCPath system by the time UCI is ready to go-live. Close to forty SMEs and staff from various campus offices and units and the Medical Center attended the kick-off.

This meeting is the initial outreach aimed at clarifying the data conversion objective and approach. Based on results from a feedback survey, participants showed most interest in learning more about the UCI approach for data validation and data cleansing, which are planned to start in the August and September timeframe. Additional outreach to PPS data processors and other impacted unit staff also ranked high among the suggestions provided in the survey. 

The work of data conversion is planned to proceed methodically over several quarters and in response to the survey findings, we will be providing additional details on steps and activities in time to prepare for work and ensure all team members have the information and tools necessary to support the data conversion effort.

Thank you to all who joined us at the kick-off. We look forward to engaging with others across campus and the Medical Center in future outreach efforts.

Support stock graphic

Meetings with the Central PMO Team

On May 22 representatives from the local UCI project team met with two members of the Central PMO Functional Team to discuss lessons learned from the Pilot implementation and the resources planned for our deployment group.

They also reviewed open issues and concerns we have at UCI and how the Central Team will address those moving forward.

On May 30, The Central Team held a technical summit for all D1 teams to converge and share progress. Ying Kussmann, Paul Sheirich, Jip Muongpruan, Tony Toyofuku, Jim Piotrowski, and Sushma Pulluri attended the summit from UCI.

Later this month, members of UCI’s project team will participate in a testing summit to prepare for the various phases for testing system functionality to begin this fall.

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