October 2017

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UCI UCPath News and Updates

October 2017

UCPath is the University of California's priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.

Pilot workshop participants

A&BS Pilot Workshops

Administrative & Business Services (A&BS) is working with the UCI UCPath team to pilot workshops designed to help them understand and use our future state business process guides (BPG) to create the business processes that A&BS will use once UCPath is implemented. The group started meeting Aug. 31 and will meet for a total of 5 sessions. From there they will work collaboratively with the project team to complete their processes. The A&BS workgroup members are Margaret Ikerd-Gyorgy, Ron Sellars, Stephanie Tenney, Rebekah Porrino, David Ott, Thomas Porrino, Lourdes Torres, and Rick Coulon.

The group is reviewing topics such as New Hire and Final Pay transactions, Approval Workflow Engine (AWE), and Position Management to learn how to review and evaluate all of the new Business Process Guides. They will evaluate how UCPath may affect their current processes, identify who to assign UCPath roles to, and how best to implement UCPath within A&BS.

This pilot will provide feedback and help solidify the process for sharing this information with the entire campus.

Kerry Kick

Meet Kerry Kick

Kerry has been supporting the UCPath Project as a member of the Human Capital Management - Subject Matter Expert Group by attending Conference Room Pilots (CRP) last summer and has remained involved with various workgroups. Her involvement will continue as training and testing activities begin to ramp up in fall 2017.

Kerry is the director of personnel at UC Irvine’s Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences. Previously, Kerry spent ten years as the personnel manager in the Chemistry Department for the School of Physical Sciences and has over eighteen years of service at UCI. As Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) for the School of ICS, Kerry oversees academic and staff functions and serves as the principal consultant on all academic and personnel matters. Her day-to-day activities include policy interpretation, ensuring completion of all academic and staff payroll, and analytical support for the Dean and Assistant Dean.

You can find Kerry kickin’ up her boots – quite literally – as the leading country line dance instructor in Orange County. After hours, she is spreading the joy of Country Style to eager students every Thursday night at an upscale country music venue in Anaheim. To date, Kerry has completed the OC Marathon in 2015, over ten half marathons, and an almost uncountable number of 5K and 10K races. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her tenacity is valued by us all.

General ledger

First look at UCI Data in UCPath

UCI received its first ever batch of converted UCPath data in August allowing us to kick-off a data validation effort with Subject Matter Experts (SME) from select units. The conversion data was limited to employee personal and job information and did not include any other data elements related to Benefits or Payroll. This data will be used as sample data in upcoming test phases.

In addition to allowing us to start the data validation effort, UCI campus and UCI Medical Center (UCIMC) team members were given an opportunity to enter sample data in UCPath during a week-long working session which was held on campus in the OIT Computer Lab. The purpose of the working sessions was to create data that would facilitate testing of local systems and processes.

By the end of the week, participants had logged into UCPath and created data to enable UCI to facilitate the first round of integration testing. An important additional benefit was exposure to UCPath for campus and UCIMC participants.

While there were errors with the converted data, campus and UCIMC participants had very positive comments on their first exposure to using UCPath. The new data entered by the team is expected to be available in early October which will be used in our local testing activities and continue the validation of data conversion results.

Ashley Penny; Payroll Manager, 'Collaboration from many different departments across campus seemed to be the theme in our conversion lab testing. With many different representatives throughout the campus, we were able to find commonalities and differences in the data we were seeing in PeopleSoft. We were also able to test multiple different scenarios in the system.' Donald Orr; Payroll/Personnel Analyst, 'It was an exciting experience to finally see the system. In the data training labs we set up our access to the UCPath test environment, identified sample employees of our own departments to experiment with, and performed sample transactions on our selected employees through the test environment. My main takeaway from this was I wanted to see how navigating through and using this system compares to PPS and what I will be up against in the near the future.'


Conference Room Pilots

What is a Conference Room Pilot (CRP)? The UCPath Central Team demonstrates the functionality of UCPath using sample situations in order for campuses to understand how UCPath will address our needs. It is an opportunity to review the business processes, see the system, ask questions, and identify any concerns or gaps.

Several representatives from campus and the Medical Center participated last fall in a CRP with other Deployment 1 (D1) locations (Davis, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and ANR). Another CRP will be conducted in October and November 2017 with D2 locations (Berkeley, San Diego, San Francisco, Hastings Law, and Lawrence Berkeley Lab), and we are being invited to participate with them. This is a great opportunity for us to see how some of the gaps we identified have been addressed, and to see new functionality that was not available a year ago.

UCI UCPath Newsletter – October 2017

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