September 2017

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UCI UCPath News & Updates

September 2017

UCPath is the University of California's priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.

work with us

Work With Us

UCI is entering the testing and validation phases of the UCPath Project in preparation for go-live in July 2018. Below are areas where the project team has identified a need for additional people with PPS experience to participate:

Training: Training will be delivered closer to UCPath implementation and continue post implementation (May-Aug). We need to identify trainers now to start engaging with us. Those identified will be the first to receive training in UCPath and will help in reviewing and vetting the training to ensure the material meets the needs of UCI. We encourage those who would like to be a trainer to also participate in some of the testing as another way to learn more about UCPath and as a great way to prepare to train others.

Testing: There are three phases of testing where current users of PPS are needed. This is a great opportunity to get an early understanding of some of the UCPath functionality and to see how the system works. Testing phases will be Dec. 2017 - April 2018.

Data Cleansing & Validation: For the first time UCI PPS information has been loaded into the UCPath testing arena. The process of validating and understanding how the information was converted has begun. Additional volunteers will be needed in the next eight months to validate data being converted from PPS to UCPath and to clean the data in PPS to reflect the information needed for UCPath.

Change Agents and Champions: UCPath includes standardized processes, new technology, and a shared service center for all of UC. As a result, some of the work done today will change. We need representation from campus to work with us to prepare for these changes. This is a great opportunity for individuals to get involved and keep up to date on what is coming with UCPath and to help their organizations prepare for the change. We need department leaders and PPS experts around the campus to help lead the change!

Requirements:  Interest in learning more about UCPath and sharing that with others in your work unit and throughout the campus. These activities (except Change Agents and Champions), require a commitment of 5-20 hours/week on average.  This is a great opportunity to learn and see the new system and provide input to the UCPath project team on what it means to UCI! If you are interested in participating in one or more of these areas, please discuss with your supervisor and contact the team at ucpath@uci.edu and let us know how you would like to get involved. We look forward to working with you!

Peter and his wife

General Ledgers & Wine

Peter Stacholy is the General Ledger (GL) lead on the UCI UCPath Project. The GL work stream is responsible for all financial transactions originating in UCPath. Under the direction of the Budget Office and the Controller’s Offices from both campus and the Medical Center, the GL work stream has defined the scope of work to be completed by UCPath. This scope covers the initial data loads from the Kuali Financial System (KFS) and the Student Information System (SIS) into UCPath, as well as activities required to produce and ensure the quality of the data loaded.

In addition to working closely with UCI and Medical Center GL technical and functional teams, Peter is also working with the UCPath Central team to resolve "how-does-it-work" questions and with UCI infrastructure teams to ensure integration and infrastructure support for UCPath data exchange. Lastly, Peter and the UCI teams are collaborating with other UC campuses to exchange ideas and perspectives on their approaches to UCPath. We have successfully partnered with UC Davis on several crucial change requests to accommodate how we process financial data in KFS.

Peter has worked in IT since the 80’s and exclusively with PeopleSoft since 1996. His specialty is application architecture and how data flows within a system and is transformed into actionable information for business users. In previous assignments, he has helped PeopleSoft design industry specific staffing modules and then implemented them at most major staffing companies in North America.

Peter and his wife Sonia enjoy exploring wine regions around the world and tasting the wines and unique culinary experiences in those regions. With a 2,000 bottle personal cellar, they have a wide variety of choices for recreating those experiences at home on the weekends!

General ledger

General Ledger Work Group

Peter Stacholy, general ledger lead, is working with a team of finance professionals from campus and the Medical Center to conduct reviews of business processes, system changes and their implications for individual units and departments. Two work groups were created, one for the Medical Center and another for campus due to each group having a unique set of requirements.

Jim Piotrowski, Keith Bandel, Teri Going, Renee Craven, Susan Sandow, and Neil Myers are members of the Medical Center group. A Medical Center specific subset (17 of 21) of Business Process Guides (BPG) was reviewed by this group to aid the Medical Center in planning for cut over to UCPath. Specific attention was also given to structuring the interfaces to the Medical Center GL system, Invision, which is separate and distinct from the campus GL system, Kuali Financial System (KFS).

The group representing campus includes Richard Coulon, Marc Guerra, Katherine Gallardo, Jaklin Orlowski, Paul Sheirich, Ashley Penny, Maribeth Bradberry, Keiko Takahashi, Ying Fu Kussmann, Maria Gorginova, Romain Fravien, Dessi Pickett, Lindsay Crowell, Sergio Ramirez, Scott Mitchell Lusby, Alan Doig, Debbie Martin, Free Moini, Katherine Diaz, Lily Truong, Lynn Wong, Nancy Im, Rachel Tam, and Stephanie Dubnick. This group reviewed all 21 BPG and is due to reconvene in mid-September to finalize processes for campus as we learn more details thru the testing cycles.

The scope for the GL work group includes various areas vital to the smooth functioning of the campus and Medical Center finance functions including budget reporting (STF files), payroll expense accounting and OSHPD code assignation, funding entry, all payroll and benefits related cost transfers, assessment processing, and more.

workgroup update

Reporting Work Group Update

Close to 70 Managers of Academic & Administrative Business Offices (MAABO) and Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) representatives from across UCI are part of the UCPath Reporting Work Group, meeting weekly to review reports being created for UCPath go-live. The UCPath Reporting Team, led by Amy Ruth, is sharing report prototypes and dashboard plans with the work group and asking for their feedback on the ability of the report or dashboard to meet their needs for information.

Each member of the group is providing feedback on the reports presented and their agreement to move forward with development and/or to request additional changes. The team is utilizing reports created by UCLA as a starting point and customizing, enhancing, or creating new reports to meet UCI’s needs. Currently, we project approximately 50 reports will be needed at go-live. However, we expect to identify additional reports during the work group meetings, during training, and post go-live. Dashboards are being designed to meet the needs for actionable information that will be quickly available to leaders throughout the campus. If you have any questions or specialized needs, please contact the UCPath project team at ucpath@uci.edu.

UCI UCPath Newsletter - September 2017

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