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UCI UCPath News and Updates

Issue 3 2018

UCPath is the University of California’s priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.

BPG Workgroup

Business Process Guide Workshops

Understanding how we will transact payroll and human resources processes within UCPath is a key starting point for the UCPath Project. Over 100 business processes have been documented, first by representatives from all UC campuses, and then customized to meet the needs of UCI. This work was done by a team of subject matter experts at UCI. A group of 15-20 representatives from throughout UCI reviewed all the Business Process Guides (BPG) and provided changes and feedback on impacts for the campus. 

The next step in the process is to share the BPG with campus leadership. In February, we began rolling out the BPG to leaders from each of the divisions within UCI. We are meeting with Chief Personnel Officers (CPO), Managers of Academic and Administrative Business Offices (MAABO), and Assistant Deans (ASM). During these workshops, the leaders are learning about the new system and the processes that result from implementation of UCPath. Each unit examines the impact of these business processes on their division and determines whether changes to their existing processes will be needed. Additionally, each area will be reviewing process maps and begin to determine who will be initiating and approving transactions in UCPath. 

Kimberly Lalonde

Path Partner

Kimberly Lalonde is in her 15th year of service with the University. She is currently the director of human resources for Intercollegiate Athletics Department. Prior to joining Athletics, Kimberly worked for Campus Recreation handling human resources and payroll and Langson Library where she began her career in payroll.

At UCI, Kimberly has had the pleasure of working with many amazing people. She loves working with such a wonderful community of people, many of whom are now her closest friends.

Many years ago, Kimberly served on a workgroup that helped to define what was needed in a new payroll system. Since that first workgroup, Kimberly participated on two UCPath workgroups; the business process guide group and now the training group. Kimberly is looking forward to helping educate and train the Intercollegiate Athletics department on all the amazing things UCPath will be able to do. She said, “It is very exciting to see UCPath unfold and all the possibilities it brings to the UC system and to UCI specifically.”

Prior to UCI, Kimberly worked in the Airline Industry. She was born in California and is a resident of Tustin, California. Kimberly has an incredible daughter who is a junior in high school. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, practicing yoga, and hanging out with friends. When she retires, Kimberly plans to teach yoga.


UCPath on ZotPortal

UCPath information is now available on ZotPortal: www.portal.uci.edu. You can find the information under the Work/Life tab.

Business Process Guides outline the way processes will change to accommodate UCPath implementation. There are over 100 business process guides including workbooks, process maps, and transition documents highlighting key differences. Currently, leaders from throughout the campus are reviewing these BPG. (See article on BPG Workshops.)

In addition to the BPG, ZotPortal will be used to house updated FAQ for UCPath. Questions from a recent UCPath forum are addressed in the resources section of ZotPortal. Additional questions can be emailed to ucpath@uci.edu and answers will be posted to ZotPortal, as available.

Testing banner

Technical Update

UCI UCPath Testing
Campus involvement in UCPath testing is quickly approaching and you are very important to the testing effort. UCI UCPath team members will be reaching out to many of you to help us develop test cases to test systems and components that will be implemented with UCPath. Your knowledge of how the campus works is extremely important to the success of our testing effort. Here’s a brief explanation of the testing phases and some key dates:

  • System Testing, April 16 - July 20
    Will be completed in 2 phases. Talent Acquisition Management (TAM) and ePerformance will be tested from April 16 - May 11. New UCPath customizations and Change Requests will be tested July 2 - 20.
  • Integration Testing, August 16 - December 15
    This phase includes interface connectivity for our local systems retrofit, as well as functional testing of the system. There will be multiple iterations of “end to end” functional testing and validation. We are starting to prepare for this test phase with local UCPath team members and campus stakeholders.
  • Pay Parallel Testing, September 17 - January 15
    Working with the UCPath Central Testing Team to compare paychecks produced by UCPath with those from PPS and troubleshoot payroll variances.
  • User Acceptance Testing, December 3 - January 15
    Hands-on working sessions for selected campus stakeholders to test UCPath functionality. Planning sessions will be scheduled with local UCPath team members & campus stakeholders as we get closer to this testing phase.

Testing is important to the success of all projects but especially critical for large, complex projects like UCPath. UCI's local testing team has been planning for testing phases and working with the UCPath Central Testing Team for the past year. In one of our early testing successes, UCI completed a phase of informal System Testing of Tier-1 file connectivity which resulted in the successful transfer of data between UCI and UCPath systems. UCI’s local testing team is currently prepping for the next phase of testing.  We look forward to working with you to make UCI's UCPath testing efforts successful!

UCI UCPath Newsletter Issue 3

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