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UCI UCPath News and Updates

Issue 5 2018

UCPath is the University of California’s priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.

Employee portal video
Manager portal video

UCPath Portal

The UCPath portal will be available with the deployment of UCPath in March 2019. The portal provides users with role-based access to employee and manager self-service and will replace At Your Service. You can access the portal from your computer and mobile devices 24/7.

In Employee Self Service (ESS) view paychecks, benefits, retirement information, leave
balances, as well as update personal information, health, and welfare, income and taxes.
In Manager Self Service (MSS) view and access direct report employee information, absence balances, compensation, and team profiles.

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Pamela English; Testing lead

Data Pro

At UCI, Pam is the Test Lead and will execute all test cycles before deployment to UCPath: Integration Testing, Payroll Parallel Testing I & II, User Acceptance Testing, and Conversion Dress Rehearsal. Pam and her team will work with the UCI campus and Medical Center functional and technical leads to create, review, and facilitate test plans, test cases, and test scripts for integrations (including Tier-N systems), configurations and customizations. She will facilitate testing progress, review defects, and report metrics on test progression.

Pam has over 15 years of PeopleSoft Human Capital Management/Payroll experience. Her program experience ranges from being a test lead, as well as being a functional Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the payroll space. Her functional competencies are payroll processing and distribution, analysis of business process assessments, tax upgrades, FIT/GAP analysis, requirements gathering, testing, script development, payroll upgrades and implementations.

Pam is a New Orleans native and true to its culture. She enjoys the life the city offers from the people to its on-going festivals and celebrations, food and fun. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her adult children, their spouses, and grandchildren. Pam’s passion is preparing Creole culinary dishes for her family and friends and watching them enjoy the fruits of her labor!

Live demo graphic

UCPath Demos

Carolyn Murry presented four brown bag sessions focusing on UCPath position management and new hire transactions in May. These sessions included opportunities for question and answer. Over 100 PPS users attended the sessions representing the majority of campus organizations.
A survey was sent to participants and responses show that 96% of the respondents found the demo to be helpful.  They indicated that the demo provided useful information and increased their confidence that UCPath will bring improvements to their work. Participants also thought it was helpful to see the UCPath system and how data will be entered.

Based on feedback from the survey, more information will be provided in future demos on how specific transactions work, including funding. Additional demo sessions are planned for the end of July. If you are interested in more information, please email us at ucpath@uci.edu.

Good data in, good data out

Good Data In - Good Data Out

UCI will be converting to UCPath in March 2019 and one of the major factors in a successful conversion is having clean data. Clean data is accurate information about an individual, such as personal information, start dates, and job information. We have identified 40 PPS fields that need to be reviewed as part of the clean-up process, some of these may include missing information or fields that are used differently by various departments. Beginning this month, we will send this information to the Chief Personnel Officers (CPO) in each division, indicating what key data will need to be cleansed.
It is important that action is taken to cleanse this data as it impacts pay, benefits, and downstream systems. We will be running queries on a regular basis to monitor the campus’ progress. If you have any questions, please contact us at ucpath@uci.edu.

Mark Cianca; Associate vice presidents

A Message from Mark Cianca

With 30 years at the University of California, Mark Cianca has built a successful UC career providing vision and leadership at the intersection of business and technology and currently serves as the UC’s Associate Vice President of Operational Services.

In this capacity, Mark leads the UCPath program, the University’s largest business transformation initiative to date. With UCPath, the University is re-envisioning how it administers and processes HR, benefits, and payroll functionality. Mark also oversees operations at the UCPath Center, the University’s new shared services center located in Riverside, Ca.

A key lesson learned from Pilot deployment was the need for earlier and deeper engagement with the UCPath Center as campuses get ready to deploy.

Now the UCPath Center, UCLA and UCSB teams are preparing to ensure their operations are well aligned – from handoffs and support processes to monitoring and feedback mechanisms – to ensure business readiness for cutover in September.

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