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UCI UCPath News and Updates

Issue 6 2018

UCPath is the University of California’s priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.

Keep calm, it is almost go live

UCPath Live Next Spring

UC Merced, UC Riverside, and the Associated Students of UCLA (ASUCLA) deployed UCPath as pilot locations and went live with UCPath in January 2018. The six-week cutover process that began during the Thanksgiving holiday, concluded successfully with UCPath access for all Pilot campus employees on January 2.

It wasn't easy though! At UCR, 14,763 records were reviewed during 7 days of cutover data validation, of which 1,290 data issues were identified and resolved often by manual adjustments.

In April 2018, the UCPath Central Team produced a lessons learned document from the Pilots' experience. The UCPath Central Project team members continue to provide support at these campuses to resolve issues and ensure that lessons learned from these pilot locations can be employed to improve subsequent locations’ experience. 

Some of the lessons learned include problems we at UCI have anticipated and have already put plans into place to mitigate or eliminate those difficulties.

  • Over 20 trainers identified, who are getting hands-on experience
  • Tracking metrics on all of our tier-1 and tier-n systems
  • Communicate regularly to current system users and leadership

These lessons learned have also helped us identify areas of importance for UCI to emphasize going forward. UCLA and UCSB are scheduled to go-live in September of this year. From their implementation, UCI will learn new lessons that will further support a successful go-live.

At UCI, we are less than a year from go-live with cutover scheduled for March 2019! Our project team continues to engage with campus stakeholders and HR business partners to finalize local business processes, prepare local systems, create training, and develop initiator and approver models for UCPath transactions.

We will continue to involve representatives from throughout the campus to participate in testing and provide feedback in preparation for UCPath implementation. We look forward to sharing more information with you through the website ucpath.uci.edu, upcoming newsletters, system demos, and videos.

If you have any questions or comments, contact us at ucpath@uci.edu. Thank you for your ongoing engagement and support.

Sheila Mercer; Personnel Analyst

Training Trainers

Sheila Mercer began her career with UCI as an administrative assistant for the Departments of Anthropology and Sociology in the School of Social Sciences in October of 1990. This was just around the time when email was taking the country by storm!

In 1995, the campus was in the midst of adopting an online system that would replace the multi-part/multi-color NCR forms that manually circulated around campus, documenting the payroll information for staff and academic employees. The extensive training program for the Payroll Processing System (PPS) began and Sheila was asked to take on the role of payroll analyst for the school. 

Fast forward 23 years later, along with an in-depth knowledge of campus payroll and human resources, Sheila is now participating in the development and implementation of UCPath courses and materials that will be used to train UCPath processors here at UCI. This opportunity has led to a valuable partnership where Sheila is able to deliver training on several UCPath modules to eager processors and managers on the UCLA campus, “I saw the anxiety and the apprehension on their faces as they entered the classroom.  However, I believe I was able to draw the parallels with the current and future process that began to alleviate their fears and give them a new set of tools to move forward.”

On loan from the School of Social Sciences, Sheila joined the UCI UCPath team to assist in creating training that will bridge the gap between the technical functionality of UCPath and the practical application for the daily system user—many of whom have been long-time users of PPS.

When Sheila is away from UCI, you find her lending her vocal talents at a performance or a studio session or off to an activity for one of the many children who make up her family village.  “I’m a proud honorary aunt and godmother. I have cookie dough in my freezer, magazines that I still haven’t read, and candles waiting to be lit.  However, I have popped all of the popcorn!”  Residents of Riverside, Sheila and her husband Henry, an avid sports fan, enjoy spending time with family and friends unless the game is on.  “While we were dating, I shocked him with my sports knowledge.  Now while he enjoys a good game, I enjoy my ‘me’ time!

Survey results are in

Survey Results

In late May 2018, a survey was sent to current PPS users to gauge effectiveness of UCPath communications and capture questions and concerns about UCPath as well as what additional information respondents would like to receive from the UCPath team. Survey responses were compared to a previous survey conducted in November 2016.

A total of 185 people responded to the survey – a 16% response rate. Those responding identified the following three areas as the most important for us to communicate in future communications:

  1. Training information
  2. Effect on UCI Jobs
  3. Information about individual transactions
Responses also show over 80% received information from our newsletter and about 33% from attending presentations by the UCPath team. This information will help in planning methods for future communications. 

In analyzing the feedback regarding the transition to UCPath, there were fewer people expressing uncertainty or negative feelings, than in the previous survey. More people expressed interest in specific functionality and how and when training will be available. Respondents indicated realistic expectations to the question ‘I think UCPath will…’
  • take some time to put UCPath in place (53%),
  • solve some of our PPS issues (40%)
  • benefit UCI (39%). 
The feedback received from this survey is valuable to the UCPath project team for understanding what some of the questions and concerns are and planning for how to address. Watch future newsletters and our ucpath.uci.edu website for upcoming information addressing questions and comments. Thanks for your participation!

Generic Workshop

Business Process Guide Workshops

Starting in February, the UCPath team presented seven Business Process Guide Workshops to Chief Personnel Officers (CPO), Managers of Academic and Administrative Business Offices (MAABO) and other representatives from each of the divisions across the UCI campus and Health Sciences. These sessions were completed in June with at least one representative from each division participating. During the sessions, participants were asked to consider what kind of changes would result from UCPath and formulate their plans for communicating and preparing their organization for potential changes. 

 Following the workshops, participants were asked to document their plans for implementing UCPath in their unit. This work has been ongoing throughout the past four months with some groups still meeting and completing their plans. These plans will be utilized in business process testing to be conducted this fall as part of assessing UCI’s organizational readiness for UCPath. Prior to system training (planned to start in January), organizations will share any process changes or adjustments that will be made in their division to accommodate UCPath. 

If you have questions about UCPath process changes in your division, contact your CPO or MAABO. 

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