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UCI UCPath News and Updates

Issue 8 2018

UCPath is the University of California’s priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.


UCLA & UCSB is live on UCPath

UCLA and UC Santa Barbara Now Live

UCPath cutover activities for the UCLA and UC Santa Barbara deployment concluded successfully. More than 60,000 employees at UCLA, UCLA Health and UC Santa Barbara have access to UCPath self-service functions, which are also available on mobile devices. Employees paid monthly were able to access their first UCPath earnings statement Sept. 27 and those paid biweekly were able to view theirs on October 1.

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Training with UCLA

In March 2018, the UCI UCPath training team began a partnership with UCLA training. From UCI, Sheila Mercer and Kerry Kick volunteered to participate in UCLA training. At UCLA, the population that required training is approximately 2,000 people.  
As a result of this collaboration, we have had the opportunity to see firsthand how the training materials are used, and the reaction and feedback from users being trained, while at the same time supporting UCLA. During June and July, Sheila Mercer and Kerry Kick delivered several different training sessions at UCLA.
Following training, sessions were offered to the user population at UCLA to give them the opportunity to enter some transactions in a sandbox environment, to practice what they learned in training. Thirty stations were set up in a computer lab and users could attend and enter practice transactions and Sheila and others were present to answer questions and assist. Because of her vast experience, Sheila was able to provide a user perspective when questions were asked outside of the general functionality of the system. She was able to share pre-process suggestions and identify how unique issues could be solved.
During the weeks leading up to the first paycheck in UCPath for UCLA, Sheila was again asked to support the UCLA team in helping employees enter their first transactions into the production system.  She was there to answer questions and help people successfully enter information to produce the first paychecks in UCPath. 
The opportunity for us to see how the live system is working and what kinds of questions processors have is a tremendous help in managing our own transition. The collaboration with UCLA and the insights into UCLA’s training will enhance the training plans and efforts at UCI to provide for an effective transition from PPS to UCPath and achieve a successful deployment.

Patrice and her daughter in France

Implementation Readiness Lead

Patrice Hagans joined the UCPath Project two years ago as the UCPath Center's Implementation Lead for Pilot deployment. After the Pilot deployment, Patrice accepted two roles, one as UCI liaison to the Project Managment Office (PMO) and a PMO role as Implementation Readiness Lead. In her role as UCI liaison, she works directly with UCI project leadership and PMO leads to ensure smooth coordination between the two teams. She oversaw the implementation readiness activity for the UCLA/UCSB (LASB) deployment and will continue that role for D1 and D2 roll out.

Patrice is a director for Huron Higher Education Practice specializing in PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) and HCM Cloud implementations. She has over 22 years of HR experience leading both functional and technical teams with expertise in managing full life-cycle HCM implementations for large-scale projects and global clients. Patrice holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Kennesaw State University and an executive MBA from Prairie View A&M University.

On a personal note, Patrice has a daughter who is a junior in college majoring in marine biology and a son who is obtaining his master’s in education. She enjoys traveling and is a 3-time participant in the exclusive Diner en Blanc events, https://www.dinerenblanc.com. The picture above includes Patrice and her daughter (Erin) attending the 30-year anniversary of Diner en Blanc in Paris, June 2018.

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UCPath Guides & Presentations

As we get closer to the implementation of UCPath at UCI, the project team will provide updates and information about UCPath. Each month, we will deliver Path Guides: information on new topics in the form of resources and collateral. These Path Guides are also being shared with Chief Personnel Officers (CPO) to cascade to their individual departments. The information is intended to be downloaded and adapted to your particular needs.

Members of the UCPath team are available to attend department meetings as a resource to answer questions and to reinforce the information that is being shared. To request a presentation on UCPath, visit the contact us page of the UCI UCPath website. Review and use what's most pertinent for your departments. If there are topics you'd like to see added, please email us at ucpath@uci.edu.

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Why Is Clean Data So Important?

It's critical that we all do our part to ensure good data is ready for UCPath. See what the UCPath team is doing to successfully migrate from PPS to UCPath.

UCI UCPath Newsletter – Issue 8

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