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UCI UCPath News and Updates

Issue 10 2018

UCPath is the University of California’s priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.

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UCI UCPath Project Go-live in Late 2019

UCI has decided to defer the implementation of UCPath until later in 2019. We will continue our development, training, testing and conversion work, but with a longer timeline. The proposed cutover will be in December 2019.

There were several factors influencing this decision. The Central Team was looking for a way to reduce complexity of the next implementation phase and UCI was concerned about making a commitment to March 2019 without more testing.

UCI will continue to focus on factors that directly affect the successful deployment of the UCPath Project at UCI. This agreement will provide UCI continued access to project resources to help maintain our momentum.

The UCI UCPath Project Team appreciates all the support and involvement of so many people throughout UCI and will continue to provide opportunities for ongoing engagement.

Angel Rivera, Training Lead

Training Lead at UCI

Angel Rivera is the training lead at UCI for UCPath. He is originally from Massachusetts and currently resides in Chicago. Angel joined the UCPath Project in July 2018. Since joining the team, he has worked directly with project leadership team, UCPath functional team, and division representatives/Subject Matter Experts on understanding UCI business processes and UCPath functionality. A big part of Angel's responsibility is to create, develop, and deliver comprehensive and effective learning content for all UCPath users.

He is a Peoplesoft training consultant with over 9 years of private and public sector experience, working with and training for Human Capital Management, Finance Supply Chain, and other Oracle products. Angel initially started as an instructional designer for Oracle and over the course of his career has gained the experience and knowledge to confidently build strategies and lead multiple organizations in various industries into successful system implementations/transitions.

Angel is the father of two lovely children. He has a son, Jianni, age 5 and a daughter, Jaylani, age 4. He loves teaching his children new things – both in skills and in life. They love spending time together, watching movies and doing weekend activities as a family. He loves playing recreational sports, playing musical instruments (percussion) and traveling.

Direct Deposit

Setting Up Direct Deposit

Once UCPath launches, paper checks and pay stubs (SurePay) will no longer be available for pick-up at central payroll or department offices. All paper paychecks will be delivered to an employee’s home address by U.S. Postal Service. Paychecks sent by mail will be issued on payday and may take an additional 2-3 days to arrive at the employees’ home address.

Sign up for direct deposit now. You can go to At Your Service Online (AYSO) to verify your home address and then to ZotPortal, and log in to access the link for direct deposit on the ZotPortal homepage.

With direct deposit, you don’t have to worry about lost, stolen or misplaced checks. You will not have to wait an additional 2-3 days to get paid and direct deposit saves you the time and effort of traveling to your bank or credit union to deposit your check. Sign up today to avoid any delay in getting your pay. Email any questions to ucpath@uci.edu.

Self-Service ATM

UCPath Online: Employee Self Service

UCPath gives UCI employees greater access to view and update their own personal information, such as home and mailing address, direct deposit and benefits enrollment in the new UCPath Online, Employee Self Service (ESS). Access for UCI will be in December 2019.

The navigation menu provides access to all UCPath activities. The menu options are based on an individual’s system role and may differ from options available to colleagues. “Employee Actions” provides access to all self-service activities, such as updating address, emergency contacts or setting up direct deposit. The Forms Library provides access to frequently used documents and Quicklinks provides access to frequently used tools and sites, such as the payroll calendar, holiday schedule, websites and more.

UCPath Online

UCPath portal dashboard

Dashboard provides links to key information and activities. The dashboard is based on each individual’s system role and differs for managers and individuals who input information into UCPath. Managers will have access to Manager Self Service (MSS), which will enable them to view information in the portal for anyone who reports to them and anyone who reports to their staff as well. Managers are able to view and manage employee’s vacation. They will have quick access to compensation and other employment information for direct reports.

Through Employee Self Service information, an employee can view or update personal employment information anytime using a mobile device or computer. They can record a life event, change direct deposit (up to three separate bank accounts) as well as access sabbatical and vacation information.

Deployment 1 Update

Composite Benefit Rate Implementation Update

In Issue 9 of the newsletter, the Composite Benefit Rate (CBR) was discussed and a forum was held Dec. 3 to address questions about the CBR. The change to CBR is enabled by UCPath and cannot be implemented in PPS, therefore the CBR adoption will be deferred until UCPath is implemented.

With the new UCI UCPath cutover, the CBR team will plan additional forums.

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