UCPath Online Employee Self Service

Section 1

Angel Rivera: Training Lead

UCPath Online: Employee Self Service

UCPath gives UCI employees greater access to view and update their own personal information, such as home and mailing address, direct deposit and benefits enrollment in the new UCPath Online, Employee Self Service (ESS). Access for UCI will be in December 2019.

The navigation menu provides access to all UCPath activities. The menu options are based on an individual’s system role and may differ from options available to colleagues. “Employee Actions” provides access to all self-service activities, such as updating address, emergency contacts or setting up direct deposit. The Forms Library provides access to frequently used documents and Quicklinks provides access to frequently used tools and sites, such as the payroll calendar, holiday schedule, websites and more.

UCPath Online

UCPath portal dashboard

Dashboard provides links to key information and activities. The dashboard is based on each individual’s system role and differs for managers and individuals who input information into UCPath. Managers will have access to Manager Self Service (MSS), which will enable them to view information in the portal for anyone who reports to them and anyone who reports to their staff as well. Managers are able to view and manage employee’s vacation. They will have quick access to compensation and other employment information for direct reports.

Through Employee Self Service information, an employee can view or update personal employment information anytime using a mobile device or computer. They can record a life event, change direct deposit (up to three separate bank accounts) as well as access sabbatical and vacation information.