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UCI UCPath News and Updates

Issue 11

UCPath is the University of California’s priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.

More Time Ahead

Project Timeline Update

The deployment of UCPath at UCI is scheduled for December 2019, with first paychecks produced by UCPath in January 2020.

While the UCI project continues on track, the decision to defer UCPath implementation was made by UCI Leadership due to some identified risks associated with the accuracy of the data being converted and the impact that might have on producing accurate paychecks. In addition, the ability of the UCPath system to handle all of the locations planned to go-live in March 2019 is still being tested.

This additional time is a significant benefit to UCI, and the project team is focusing on key activities to reduce risks and improve the quality of the implementation at UCI. Currently, the team is revising the project plan and will share the timeline and key milestones next month.

Operational Alignment

Operational Alignment

In December and January, the UCPath team hosted 36 operational alignment sessions where UCPath Center representatives shared lessons learned from processing transactions for the campuses currently live on UCPath. We also learned new information regarding their responsibilities versus UCI administrators', and some of the common areas where transactors had difficulties or tended to make mistakes in past deployments..

Sessions were well attended by representatives from each of the UCI divisions and central HR, Academic Personnel (AP) and Payroll offices. Following these sessions, we have been meeting with a few Chief Personnel Officers (CPO) and representatives from central HR, AP and Payroll to evaluate the information learned from these sessions and to determine who at UCI will be fulfilling the appropriate roles once we go live in December. Some of the responsibility will be with the divisions and some will be in the central offices.

As we continue these sessions and make decisions, we will be documenting for training and further communication.

Paycheck Changes

Changes to Your Paycheck

Once UCPath is live, paychecks and pay stubs (SurePay) will no longer be available at UCI. They will not be available for pick-up at central payroll or department offices. All paper checks will be mailed to employees' home addresses on pay day and may take 2-4 days to arrive. Employees will also need to log into UCPath Online to print out pay stubs.

To avoid any delays in receiving your check once we do go live, we recommend that you go into At Your Service Online (AYSO), confirm your home address, and sign up for direct deposit at Portal.

There are many benefits of direct deposit. With direct deposit, you won't have to worry about lost or stolen checks. Direct deposit also eliminates trips to your financial institution to deposit paper checks.


Did You Know?

The UCPath project team holds monthly meetings where the team updates all workstream milestones and successes. We also take the opportunity to celebrate team member birthdays!

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