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Data Pro

Pejman Khoshkhoo is the data conversion lead at UCI for UCPath. He joined the project in March 2016 and has worked on finalizing designs for data conversion and validating the conversion results. He developed a data validation dashboard that shows the completeness and accuracy of the converted data with links to conversion defects. 

Last September, he worked with campus Managers of Academic & Administrative Business Offices (MAABO) and Chief Personnel Officers (CPO) across all divisions and the DFA Accounting team to align department hierarchies between PPS, Kuali Financial System (KFS), and UCPath that led to the development of UCI's first unified department hierarchy. He is UCI's resident expert on data conversion rules and can provide an answer on how PPS data elements are expected to turn up in UCPath.
Pejman is a management consultant with over 18 years experience in technology-enabledtransformation projects. He's had a variety of roles and responsibilities covering all aspects of systems implementation including technical development, system design and process re-engineering. Over the last seven years, he specialized in project management of large and complex projects or workstreams, including leading one of the early UCPath re-planning efforts at UCOP in 2014.
After graduating from UC Berkeley he stayed in the Bay area until a couple of years before he started work at UCI. He loves his new life in Orange County and especially enjoys long walks on the beach with his loyal dog when he's not out playing soccer with neighborhood friends or watching Bundesliga or Premier League soccer on TV. His private love affair is reading books on all subjects and may be in the middle of five or six books at any given time without necessarily finishing any one of them.