Operational Alignment

Section 1

Angel Rivera: Training Lead

Operational Alignment

In December and January, the UCPath team hosted 36 operational alignment sessions. UCPath Center representatives shared some lessons learned from processing transactions for the campuses currently live on UCPath. They shared expectations for what would be their responsibility versus UCI administrators' and some of the common areas where transactors had difficulties or tended to make mistakes. 

Sessions were well attended by representatives from each of the UCI divisions and central HR, Academic Personnel (AP) and Payroll offices. Following these sessions, we have been meeting with a few Chief Personnel Officers (CPO) and representatives from central HR, AP and Payroll to evaluate the information learned from these sessions and to determine who at UCI will be doing some of these transactions.

Some of the responsibility will be on the division and some of it will be in the central offices. As we continue these sessions and make decisions, we will be documenting for training and further communication.