Support Model

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Support Model

With the deferral of the UCPath project, we are further developing our readiness and have created a team to expand the plans for how support will be delivered once we are live on UCPath in January 2020. The goal is to create a process that provides employees with an easy way to get answers to their questions about paychecks, how to make changes in UCPath, as well as help for those who are inputting transactions into UCPath. 

The team includes representatives from the Chief Personnel Officers, Human Resources, Payroll, Academic Personnel, Medical Center, Health Sciences and the UCPath project team. 

Current activities include understanding what services will be needed by UCI, designing a tool to capture and route questions to the appropriate people to answer and determining the process for escalation to the UCPath Center. 

One of the features of this process will be the designation of Points of Contact (POC) within each division. The POC will be the first contact for employees with a question about their paycheck or how to make changes in UCPath. These people have been identified and will begin to participate in UCPath training in April.

Watch for future updates on the support model and POCs as they are further defined and solidified.