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NEW: Good Data In, Good Data Out

data video thumbnail
There are a handful of things the UCPath Project would like to keep in departments' minds with go-live around the corner. Learn more about data and its relationship to go-live and your department in this video.
Video Length: 2 min, 41 sec

UCPath Benefits and Efficiencies

benefits video thumbnail
Learn about the benefits and efficiencies UCPath will bring to UCI and how UCPath is a much needed improvement from the existing system in this video.
Video Length: 1 min, 52 sec

UCPath at UCI

Ucpath at uci video thumbnail
Everyone has been diligently working towards go-live. Learn more about the progress towards go-live, how to prepare for UCPath, and more about the UCPath Center in this video.
Video Length: 4 min, 43 sec

UCPath Portal Preview - Manager Version

Curious about the new UCPath system? Take a look at the system and find out how to navigate the UCPath system from the employee perspective in this video from the Office of the President
Video Length: 2 min, 48 sec

UCPath Portal Preview – Employee Version

UCPath Portal Preview – Employee Version
Want a peek of the new UCPath system? Get a preview of the system and find out how to navigate the UCPath system from the employee perspective in this video from the Office of the President
Video Length: 3 min, 59 sec

UCPath Center

UCpath center
The Central Team released an informative video about the UCPath Center, the University of California's shared services center located in Riverside, CA. Meet the team, see the location, and learn about the work they do.
Video length: 3 mins. 35 sec.

UCPath Project

UCPath project
This video, created by the UCPath Central Team, provides a project overview; features great insights from campus and PMO team members; and highlights key benefits this investment will and has brought to the University and its employees.
Video length: 3 mins. 28 sec.

Lessons Learned

Lessons learned thumbnail
What did we learn from past implementations?  In planning for UCPath, the project team has reviewed recent major systems implementations at UCI to incorporate key lessons learned. The major lessons are decision making, training and consistent communications.
Video length: 3 mins. 50 sec.

Tier-1 Update

tier 1 thumbnail
What work is being done with Tier-1 systems? Find out what the progress is on the Kuali Financial System, Student Information System, and other systems. Learn about this, and other UCPath updates.
Video length: 2 mins. 48 sec.

Why UCPath?

Why ucpath thumbnail
Why are we implementing UCPath? Here are a few reasons for why a new system is needed and how UCPath will drive improvements at UC Irvine and system wide.
Video length: 3 mins. 10 sec.

Introduction to UCPath

introduction video thumbnail
This introductory video begins responding to some of the issues raised in the PPS Users survey to address the most frequently asked questions such as, “Will all of UCI HR and Payroll be moving to the UCPath Center in Riverside?  What transactions stay at UCI?  How and when will I get training on UCPath?” 
Video length: 7 mins. 22 sec.