Issue 13
UCPath is the University of California’s priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.
UC Berkeley is Live on UCPath
On March 30, UC Berkeley successfully went live with UCPath. After a month of around-the-clock cutover activities, monthly paid employees at UC Berkeley received their first UCPath pay on April 1, followed by biweekly paid employees on April 3.
New Training for POC
At UCI, we have identified people who will be trained to be the first contact for an employee with questions about pay and how to access UCPath online.  These Points of Contact (POC) within each UCI Division will also help support those who are entering transactions. 

The 100 POC have begun training on UCPath functionality. They are learning process changes and getting the opportunity to practice transactions in a special UCPath training system.  Following the 7 training days, POCs will have additional opportunities this summer to continue developing their expertise in using the UCPath system and enhance their skills in helping employees with questions about their paychecks or how to enter transactions. 

In future newsletters, we will share more details about the plans for providing UCPath support to UCI.
With UCPath go-live just around the corner, it is crucial for everyone to learn more and get ready for UCPath. Here are some upcoming UCPath events.
Meet Andrea
Andrea is an Organizational Change Management (OCM) consultant who has been working on ERP implementations since 1998. Her focus is helping organizations navigate the change associated with implementing new human capital and financial management systems.  She has worked in both private and public sectors in a myriad of industries.
As a member of the UCI UCPath Training Team, Andrea's responsibilities include: developing UCPath training material, delivering UCPath training and participating in all activities to prepare trainers for this Fall's UCPath training.
Andrea is from Little Rock, Arkansas but currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is single with no children. Andrea loves to travel and experience new things. She is super excited to enjoy the infamous Southern California weather during her time here at UCI.
Not Yet on Direct Deposit?
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