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UCPath is the University of California’s priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.

Meet Bob

Bob Moulton is the UCPath Project Director, leading the UCI UCPath project team to help prepare and train UC employees for the new system, and to ensure a successful transition in December 2019 and beyond. He started with UCPath a year ago as a consultant, and started his current position upon Paul Sheirich’s retirement in July.

Bob is excited to be part of the UCPath team. “The UCI team is strong, well organized and focused on the successful delivery of UCPath, I am impressed with how well the UCPath Team and the campus stakeholders are collaborating for the transition.”

As an established leader in technology implementation, particularly in Higher Education, Bob recently served as Vice Chancellor for Information Technology at the Nevada System of Higher Education. For the California State University System, he was CIO/AVP for San Francisco State University (SFSU), and Interim CIO for California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Prior to that, he worked for 38 years at IBM, where he was responsible for development and delivery of support technology through field resources, including 11 support centers. He also was the architect for workforce mobility, developed the first course that IBM Systems Engineers and Marketing personnel attend to begin their careers, and led service, sales, management and consulting teams.

He is impressed with the talent and collaborative nature of the people at UCI and their dedication to elevate UCPath’s success beyond the launch. “The introduction of the Employee Experience Center (EEC) will enable UCI employees to work with familiar campus-based resources for answers to questions and help with requests for UCPath support,” Bob said. “This initiative, led by Stephen Whelan (HR) and Cameron Cosgrove (IT), will also coordinate UCI UCPath’s interface with UCPath Central Support team (UCPC).”

An Illinois native, Bob completed his Executive MBA and Bachelor’s in Education at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He and his wife Barbara are based in Carmel, Indiana. He has a son Robert, a daughter Erin and an 11-year-old grandson.

Operational Alignment Sessions

During the weeks of August 5 and 19, representatives from the UCPath Center came to the UCI campus to present more than 25 individual sessions on areas of interaction between UCI and the UCPath Center (UCPC) once we are live in UCPath. Sessions included topics such as new hires, payroll processing and payroll calendar, transfers, leave and worker’s compensation.

The slides and recordings of these sessions are available on ZotPortal for reference as needed. We have also included the link on our website.

The UCPath Center representatives shared lessons learned from processing transactions for the campuses currently live, including UCLA and UC Berkeley. They also pointed out best practices and discussed how to avoid problems.

Chief Personnel Officers and Points of Contact or Subject Matter Experts represented divisions at these sessions. Participants also included Central Payroll, Human Resources and People Services, the Medical Center and Health Sciences.

This time spent with leaders at the UCPath Center will help UCI be better prepared when we begin booking transactions in UCPath starting in December.

Training Updates

Registration for UCPath training starts in early September when the training schedule is released in the UCI Learning Center (UCLC). Division CPOs and MAABOs will receive information on how to help employees register for the courses they need to take.

Please register first and take two mandatory web-based training classes, “Intro to UCPath” and “Basics & Navigation,” which must be completed prior to attending the first classroom session.

In late September, POCs will also be trained on how to assist employees with UCPath Online, general paycheck questions, and how to access the new UCI support tool.

There are also new enhancements to the Time Reporting System (TRS 2.0); while not impacting employees inputting to TRS, training and materials for DTAs will be developed and provided later this fall.

UCI UCPath Testing Updates

UCPath testing will continue this fall as we head toward December cutover and January 2020 launch for all employees. Thank you to all of the testers who are taking part to aide in a successful transition to UCPath.

Payroll Parallel Testing : 9/09/19 - 11/01/19

  • This is our third and last cycle of PPT testing before UCI's go-live. The PPT team will compare and reconcile paychecks created from PPS and UCPath converted data using a comparison tool and report validation results on paycheck accuracy.
  • Testers include members of payroll and UCPath project teams for campus and the Medical Center.

UT (User Testing): 9/30/19 - 11/08/19

  • Business process testing and final system testing with Points of Contacts (POCs), with campus and Medical Center testers
  • Review data flows through the system and business process
  • Test production Role and Row-Level Security

Staff Picnic – Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who came to our booth at the staff picnic to say hello, spin the wheel for a giveaway, take an informational card and spread the word about UCPath. We are honored to be part of a campus community that cares about one another and about UCPath’s success for all.

Important Milestones


Roadshows – Attend a roadshow to learn all about UCPath and its portal, UCPath Online. There will be roadshows for all employees, and roadshows specifically for managers and supervisors. Encourage co-workers and direct reports to attend, ask questions, and get ready for UCPath.

User Testing - POC, project team, and selected initiators

Payroll Parallel Testing - UCI Payroll and project team

Oct. 9: Techno Expo at the Student Center - Stop by our booth and say hi

Training for Initiators and Approvers (October – February)


Roadshows – Attend to learn all about UCPath and its portal, UCPath Online

Training for Initiators and Approvers

Nov. 15: Sign up for Direct Deposit by 11/15 to be effective for first UCPath checks in January

Nov. 30: Deadline to update personal info in AYSO to transfer to UCPath


Training continues in early December


  • PPS will be unavailable for processing monthly transactions beginning Dec. 5 – After this date monthly transactions will be held until UCPath is available.
  • PPS will continue to accept bi-weekly transactions until Dec. 18.
  • POCs will be initiators for any required transactions in UCPath during December.
  • More details on the cutover calendar will be provided in a future issue.


UCPath goes live to all employees!

January 2: UCPath Online available for all UCI employees

January 2: First Monthly Paycheck in UCPath

January 8: First Bi-weekly Paycheck in UCPath

Drop-in Center available for transactors/initiators to get help processing transactions in UCPath.

Training continues in mid-January

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