UCPath Project Timeline


Projected Deployment Schedule

The deployment of UCPath at UCI is scheduled for December 2019. This date is contingent on other location deployments and is subject to change.

The numbers by each location denote the estimated total number of employees.

Timeline for UCPath Deployment
Deployment Location Employees
In Production Los Angeles 49,312
Berkeley 23,440
Santa Barbara 11,672
Riverside 9,391
Merced 3,412
Office of the President 2,005
ASULA 1,518
October 2019 Davis 33,292
ANR 1,454
January 2020 Irvine 27,340
Santa Cruz 8,454
March 2020 San Francisco 27,128
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 3,384
Hastings 430
May 2020 San Diego 33,533