Training Resources

Section 1

Transactor Reference Information

  • Dept codes will continue to be 6 characters (ex “530000” to “IR7613”) but will be based on new set of department codes that closely align with campus KFS orgs.
  • Existing payroll job codes will not change but the field length will change from 4 characters to 6 characters (ex .“7584” to “007584”).  Job code will be padded by 2 leading zeroes.
  • For a list of UCPath Department and Job Code, please use UCPath Cognos Reports.
  • New Contingent Worker (CWR) job codes have been created in UCPath for staff and faculty who are not paid via Payroll. CWR in UCPath is created when there is a location need for a person to exist that is providing services to UCI on a non-permanent basis or potentially paid by a 3rd party (e.g. consultant, contractor, etc.). A CWR is not an employee of the University of California. A CWR does not receive compensation through UCPath payroll (e.g. Contractors are paid through Accounts Payable.)
  • Volunteers are not required to be entered in UCPath.  If they require UCI network access, they can continue to use OIT Sponsored UCInetID Application. https://www.oit.uci.edu/help/ucinetid/types/sponsored/ . If departments would like to track volunteers in UCPath reports and create a UCInetID for them, then entering them in UCPath is recommended.
    • CWRs entered in UCPath will automatically be processed by OIT for UCI network access (UCInetID). Date of birth for CWRs will be required to prevent duplicate UCInetIDs. A new OIT IAM Suspense Account Queue will be implemented when UCPath goes live to prevent employees and CWRs from having multiple UCInetIDs.
    • List of new CWR job codes in UCPath
      • CWR003 Visiting Student Res-Graduate
      • CWR004 Staff Intern
      • CWR005 Affiliated Research Institute
      • CWR006 Ind Contractor/Consultnt
      • CWR007 Clin Assoc/Admitting Physician
      • CWR009 Temp Agency Staff-Health
      • CWR010 Temp Agency Staff-Non UC
      • CWR011 Staff Volunteer
      • CWR012 Traveling Nurse
      • CWR013 Community College Instructor
      • CWR014 Affiliated Organization
      • WR015 Visiting Scholar
      • CWR016 Visiting Student Res-UnderGrad
      • CWR017 UC Employee - Different BU
      • CWR018 UC Board of Regents
      • CWR019 Staff Emeritus
      • CWR020 Student Volunteer
      • CWR021 Research Fellow
      • CWR022 Research Associate
  • OIT LDAP will have a new uciAffiliation called “contingent_worker” to track all CWRs entered in UCPath. For questions regarding OIT LDAP, please email oit@uci.edu.

Top Reports Demo

  • RUCI19 - Code Lookup
  • RUCI113 - Person Org Summary
  • RUCI03 - Employee Rosters Report
  • RUCI89 - Job History Report
  • RUCI25 - Job Distribution Report
  • RUCI12 – Leave Balances
  • RUCI77 - Total Compensation
  • RUCI04 - Distribution of Payroll Expenses (DOPE)
  • RUCI08 - Dashboard