Contingent Worker Category

New Contingent Worker (CWR) job codes have been created in UCPath for staff and faculty who are not paid via Payroll. CWR in UCPath is created when there is a location need for a person to exist that is providing services to UCI on a non-permanent basis or potentially paid by a 3rd party (e.g. consultant, contractor, etc.). A CWR is not an employee of the University of California. A CWR does not receive compensation through UCPath payroll (e.g. Contractors are paid through Accounts Payable.)

  • Volunteers are not required to be entered in UCPath.  If they require UCI network access, they can continue to use OIT Sponsored UCInetID Application. If departments would like to track volunteers in UCPath reports and create a UCInetID for them, then entering them in UCPath is recommended.
    • CWRs entered in UCPath will automatically be processed by OIT for UCI network access (UCInetID). Date of birth for CWRs will be required to prevent duplicate UCInetIDs. A new OIT IAM Suspense Account Queue will be implemented when UCPath goes live to prevent employees and CWRs from having multiple UCInetIDs.
    • List of new CWR job codes in UCPath
      • CWR003 Visiting Student Res-Graduate
      • CWR004 Staff Intern
      • CWR005 Affiliated Research Institute
      • CWR006 Ind Contractor/Consultnt
      • CWR007 Clin Assoc/Admitting Physician
      • CWR009 Temp Agency Staff-Health
      • CWR010 Temp Agency Staff-Non UC
      • CWR011 Staff Volunteer
      • CWR012 Traveling Nurse
      • CWR013 Community College Instructor
      • CWR014 Affiliated Organization
      • CWR015 Visiting Scholar
      • CWR016 Visiting Student Res-UnderGrad
      • CWR017 UC Employee - Different BU
      • CWR018 UC Board of Regents
      • CWR019 Staff Emeritus
      • CWR020 Student Volunteer
      • CWR021 Research Fellow
      • CWR022 Research Associate
  • OIT LDAP will have a new uciAffiliation called “contingent_worker” to track all CWRs entered in UCPath. For questions regarding OIT LDAP, please email

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