The updated version of TRS will include multiple small changes. The most significant are listed below:

  1. Three new reports have been added, in addition to the five reports already available for DTAs. The new reports are: Compensation Method, Auto Approval, Timesheet Details
  2. Earlier Deadlines for timesheets will be implemented to support UCPath
  3. Biweekly deadlines: Employee submits on Fridays, Supervisor due on Mondays 12pm, DTA Mondays 4pm.
  4. Monthly deadlines: Employee submission is on the 6 th of each month, Supervisor Deadline due on the 9 th of each month, DTA 18 th of each month.
  5. Auto-Approval: Timesheets that have been submitted by the employee but the supervisor or DTA have not approved will be auto-approved before submission to UCPath. Timesheets that have been auto-approved will need to be acknowledged by Supervisor and/or DTA.
  6. KSAMS Access: TRS will now use KSAMS to grant access to DTAs and will be based on the HR Org Hierarchy.