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UCPath is the University of California’s priority program to implement a comprehensive payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees.

Attend a Roadshow

The UCI UCPath project team is hitting the road in October and November to tell UCI employees about UCPath. There are multiple sessions, locations and dates, so find one that’s right for you. No registration required. Encourage co-workers and direct reports to attend, ask questions and get ready for UCPath. If you would like posters and flyers to hand out to people in your department, email View the full Roadshow schedule on the UCPath website.

Update Your Websites

Remember to do an audit of your websites for any information that may need to change once UCPath Online is live (January 2020), and encourage other departments in your purview to do the same. For example, if your website directs people to ZotPortal or accounting to sign up for Direct Deposit, or to AYSO for benefits or pay information, that needs to change to direct people to UCPath Online via If you have any questions on how to reword any websites, email

"Your Pay. A New Way." Brochures Available

Brochures are now available with information about UCPath and UCPath Online, where employees should go for which tasks (UCPath vs AYSO vs timekeeping), paycheck and pay statement changes, and what to do now and what to do in January. Request as many brochures as you’d like by emailing and the UCPath team will deliver them or send them through campus mail.

Training Updates

  • If you haven’t already done so, register for and take the two mandatory web-based training classes, “Intro to UCPath” and “Basics & Navigation,” which must be completed prior to attending the first classroom session.  Training classes are available on the UCI Learning Center (UCLC).  Division CPOs and MAABOs can help employees  determine the courses they need to take based on their responsibilities in UCPath.
  • View the UCI UCPath Training Guide for a comprehensive repository of training materials to support your transition into the new UCPath system. The guide provides various learning tools available to employees within the UCI UCPath website and the UC Learning Management System (UCLC).  This guide is located on the UCPath website in the Training section under Resources. While you’re there, check out the portal simulations, slides and recordings of Operational Alignment Sessions, and business process guides.

Testing Updates

Testing continues as we move toward December cutover and January 2020 launch of UCPath at UCI.

Payroll Parallel Testing: Now to 11/01/19
  • Compare paychecks created in PPS with those created in UCPath testing environment.The team is ahead of schedule and results are favorable.
OUT (Operational User Testing):   Now to 11/08/19
  • Business process testing and final system testing with POCs and other campus and Medical Center representatives.
  • Review data flows through the system and business process
  • Testers will utilize production Role and Row-Level Security
  • Utilizing scenarios reflecting special situations encountered by divisions

Important Dates - Including Cutover

  • Roadshows - Attend a roadshow to learn all about UCPath and its portal, UCPath Online. There are roadshows for all employees, and others specifically for managers and supervisors that covers the same information, plus covers tools available to managers/supervisors. There will also be a roadshow presented in Spanish.
  • Operational User Testing - POC, project team, and selected initiators
  • Payroll Parallel Testing - UCI Payroll and project team Training for Initiators and Approvers (October – February)
  • Roadshows – Continued opportunities to attend a UCPath Roadshow
  • Training for Initiators and Approvers continues
  • Nov. 14: Deadline to sign up for Direct Deposit or make changes in current Direct Deposit accounts to be effective for first UCPath checks in January
  • Training continues in early December
  • Dec. 1: Deadline to update personal info in AYSO to transfer to UCPath
  • Cutover:
    • PPS will be unavailable for processing monthly transactions beginning Dec. 1. After this date, monthly transactions will be held until UCPath is available. When possible, avoid any hiring or payroll changes during this time.
    • PPS will continue to accept bi-weekly transactions until Dec. 14.
    • POCs and UCPath team will be initiators for any required transactions in UCPath during December.
    • The core cutover team will be known as ICU (Irvine Cutover Unit).
    • See the current cutover dates below to get ready to transition to UCPath.
Cutover Calendar
  • Nov. 30: last day to process transactions in PPS for monthly employees
  • Dec. 5: last day to input monthly new hires starting in PPS
  • Dec. 5: at 5 p.m., a snapshot of PPS monthly pay information begins to be transferred to UCPath
  • Dec. 9-12: analysis of converted data in UCPath and identification of issues – questions for resolution require short turn-around from subject matter experts/UCPath team
  • Dec. 13-18: division Points of Contact work with UCPath team to input monthly pay impacting transactions in UCPath for Jan. 2 paycheck
  • Dec. 14: last day to process transactions in PPS for bi-weekly employees
  • Dec. 18: last day to input bi-weekly new hires starting in Dec. in PPS
  • Dec. 18: at 5 p.m., a snapshot of PPS bi-weekly information begins to be transferred to UCPath
  • Dec. 22: final opportunity to correct any transactions for monthly paycheck
  • Dec. 27: division Points of Contact work with UCPath team to input bi-weekly pay impacting transactions in UCPath for Jan. 8 paycheck
  • UCPath goes live to all employees!
  • January 2:  UCPath Online available for all UCI employees via
  • January 2:  First monthly Paycheck in UCPath
  • January 8:  First bi-weekly Paycheck in UCPath
  • Drop-in Center and Zoom # available for transactional users / initiators to get help processing transactions in UCPath.
  • UCI's local Employee Experience Center (EEC) is available for additional support for employees and to track requests for support; call (949) 824-0500 or visit
  • Training continues in early February
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