UCPath. Your Pay. The UC Way.

Starting January 2020, UCI employees got their pay a new way. UCPath is the University of California’s new, systemwide payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel system, replacing the 35-year old Payroll/Personnel System at all UC locations.

Instead of going to At Your Service Online (AYSO), UCI employees now go to UCPath Online for 24/7 access to pay and benefits information, with convenient self-service features for employees and managers. Click on the UCPath Online button on the homepage to go there.

About UCI UCPath

UCPath = UC Payroll, Academic Personnel, Timekeeping, Human Resources

UCPath is a project launched by the University of California (UC) to modernize its current payroll system, which is more than 35 years old. Once UCPath is live at all locations, all employees will use the same system. This new technology will unify and standardize payroll, benefits, and human resources for all UC employees. It will increase efficiencies in working together and sharing information systemwide so we can better focus on our core mission of teaching, research, and public service.

UCPath launched at UCI in January 2020, with first monthly paychecks on January 2 and first bi-weekly paychecks on January 8. With UCPath online, employees and managers have 24/7 access to view and manage personnel information and benefits, view pay statements, sign up for direct deposit, update tax withholdings, see vacation and sick leave balances, and more. For questions and help, employees will still go to their local contact, or contact UCI’s Employee Experience Center (EEC) at 949-824-0500 or online at

UCPath replaces the 35-year-old PPS system that was outdated and differed from campus to campus. The new UCPath system will provide consistency across all UCs and will improve the way HR and payroll services are provided to 200,000+ employees. Its state-of-the-art technology brings streamlined processes, consistent data, robust metrics, greater efficiencies and a shared UCPath Center in Riverside that issues paychecks and processes many transactions. UCPath Online provides 24/7 access to employee and managers for payroll and benefits information.

  • UCPath replaced UCI’s current Payroll and Personnel System (PPS) as of January 2020
  • The new UCPath Online offers 24/7 online access to view and manage benefits, vacation and sick balances, W2s and earnings statements, personal and sabbatical information and more
  • Employees can record life events and make benefits changes for life events through UCPath Online
  • At Your Service Online (AYSO) will only be used for retirement information and historical payroll information; W-2s and earnings statements for 2019 and earlier will continue to be available on AYSO, but will be available via the UCPath Online for 2020 and beyond
  • Employees can sign up for and manage Direct Deposit on UCPath Online; Direct Deposit will also offer more options – up to three bank accounts (including credit union)
  • Employees get new ID numbers, which are on pay statements and on UCPath Online
  • The UCPath Center in Riverside is a shared services center for all UCs that will issue paychecks and complete/approve many transactions; it also provides support on UCPath Online
  • Paycheck layouts look different than PPS, but the information remains the same
  • UCI will no longer be able to cut checks, so paper paychecks can no longer be picked up on campus; they are mailed to home addresses the day before payday and may take 2-4 days to arrive (signing up for Direct Deposit will ensure access to earnings on payday with no delays)
  • Paper pay statements are no longer available for pick-up on campus; employees can view pay statements online via the UCPath Online 24/7
  • Final pay for voluntary terminations will be at the next scheduled paycheck
  • The max vacation accrual for part-time employees will be pro-rated based on their %
  • New templates, forms and processes are in place for employees who work with human resources transactions; access the Transactional User area of the website
  • UCI’s new UCI Employee Experience Center (EEC) will provide help and answer questions through the phone (949-824-0500) and a user-friendly online portal
  • Pay and benefits - they all converted to UCPath
  • Direct Deposits - all Direct Deposits converted to UCPath, so employees that were signed up for DD didn’t have to do anything; employees who want to sign up for Direct Deposit can do so on UCPath Online
  • Employee information converted from AYSO to UCPath; employees should verify their home address and other personal information at UCPath Online to make sure it's current and correct
  • Where to go to complete and submit timesheets — employees still use their current system to report work time
  • Where to go first for payroll/HR questions or help; employees should still go first to their local point of contact (department payroll or academic representative, CPOs, MAABOs, etc.)
  • AYSO will still be used to estimate retirement earnings; retirees will use UCRAYS to manage beneficiaries, review retiree pay statements and 1099R statements
  • Paycheck format (e.g., deductions have different labels)
  • New employee ID
  • Vacation and sick leave balances are no longer displayed on the earnings statement; they are on the UCPath portal
  • Employees may have up to three direct deposit accounts
  • Small calculation differences for percentage 403b and 457b deductions when both are taken in the same pay period
  • Small tax calculation differences; out-of-state and local taxes are now automated
  • Executive life insurance is taxed in the current period and displayed on the earnings statement
  • FICA taxes applied in the current pay period, not the following pay period
  • Employer contributions split between first and second biweekly earnings statements instead of all in the first earnings statement
  • Credit union deductions made via direct deposit
  • Garnishments now shown on earnings statements; percentage garnishments are automatically calculated
  • Small calculation differences in FLSA earnings
  • Flat tax amounts now deducted evenly across all pay periods
  1. Log in to UCPath Online to view your pay statement and benefits.
  2. Click on 'UC Irvine' button and then enter your UCInetID and password.
  3. Continue with the required DUO multi-factor authentication. (if you haven’t signed up for DUO, do so now at )
  4. Answer security set-up questions and government-mandated demographic questions (first-time login only). One of your security questions will be presented when you perform certain tasks, such as opening a pay statement, to ensure your information is secure.
  5. Review personal information for accuracy and update if needed.
  6. Review your first UCPath pay statement to compare gross pay with previous pay. Review deductions for any differences. Remember in the new year there may be changes due to tax rates and benefit choices.
  7. Review your benefits to ensure they reflect your choices.
  8. Enter your emergency contact information.

UCPath Resources and Information

From “print and go” fact sheets to videos and brochures, learn about UCPath with these resources.